Medium iPhone
Background Personal
Duration 1 month


Product Design IOS SwiftUI Dev

The concept : An easy-to-use notebook that allows you to keep a history of your ideas and thoughts. A kind of diary for entrepreneurs.

1. The Ideas² project

For this project, I had to take into account multiple technical constraints: SwiftUI technology, dark mode management as well as gestural navigation.

I started with paper wireframes before iterating by alternating AdobeXD prototypes and guerilla user tests in the form of interviews with friends representing the target audience for this product.

2. The design process

Ideas² is now available on the AppStore and has received many positive feedbacks showing that this application meets real needs.

As a project is never completely finished, new features requested by users are still under consideration and may be part of future updates.

3. The results

Next project

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Romain Penchenat

Digital Product Designer