Medium Web
Background Hetic
Duration 5 days

Minecraft Museum

Experience Design Three.js dev

The concept : An immersive, multi-player museum to plunge you into the Minecraft universe.

1. The Minecraft Museum project

I quickly prototyped our museum on my paper notebook in order to be freed from all technical constraints. This allowed me to think about future details and interactions that made the experience memorable.

Due to time constraints, we moved directly to Three.js development taking into account the museum's performance and scalability constraints.

2. An immersive experience

The multiplayer mode was a priority for us, this one allows to revive this long corridor by multiplying the universe of the possible.

We worked on our characters to allow them to wear different skins and reflect their real position. The interactions with the blocks are also highlighted.

3. A social universe

Next project

Handover 2021


Romain Penchenat

Digital Product Designer