Medium Web
Background Freelance
Duration 2 month

Boveroux & Fils

Project managment Product Design

The concept : A semi-merchant site facilitating the sale of products in short circuit while reflecting the ethical values of the Boveroux family business.

1. The Boveroux & Fils brief

This site had to convey the Boveroux family's love for their animals to their clients. This is why we have taken up colours and an atmosphere symbolising the terroir and the quality of the products.

The second challenge was to adapt the organisation of the site to its function as a semi-merchant site. In this way, we have integrated the purchasing experience into the presentation of the family business.

2. The challenges

This team project was another opportunity to put my project management skills to the test.

The Boveroux family said, "The website gave us visibility and thanks to it our butcher shop is within everyone's reach. And the site is super nice and successful!"

3. The results

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Romain Penchenat

Digital Product Designer